Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ILLUSION 5 de YOUNG museum Sept 17

some pictures from ILLUSION 5 FUERA DEL BARRIO
thanks to the amazing eye of MICHELLE GUTIERREZ

paper paper paper... create the entrance...

...with Lars virus-design...

...and some evidence of..

...the NO use of shoes inside...

- - - The Artists - - -

Indira Urrutia creating her strong collage

Indira draw by Mara Brown

Mara drawing Chris

Riaz Abdula setting up... -FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS today Thursday Oct 19-

Tilda eye

Maestro of Reiki, Luis Vazquez, curando our videographer Fidel Dolorier and...

...our poet Nina Serrano

Nina writing poems

Maestra Mona Caron

Body painting by Tania Figueroa

Carlos Castillo

Ella Noe

Mabel Negrete and Joshua Short

The Genie playing music, Lars Howlett painting


sweet Meklit

Tyson playing guitar for La Tania Flamenca

La Tania, Lars, Tilda and Meklit

La Tania dancing with the audience

Very special audience and artists

Iris Clearwater and her boxes

Riaz playing

Zore and David Gonzalez in frot their mural

Maestro Rene Yañez and Rio Yañez

Rio in front Sue Matthews painting

Sue painting

Los pies de Rupita

Rupa and Lars sharing space with Malamaña artist

un Malamaña artist, Carlos

Malamaña caligraphy from outside Kimball Gallery

Mari Naomi virgin

Interarts Improvisation Ensemble: Tyson, Claire Maica and Alex

The ILLUSION space with the digital projections

Children drawing over the floor

THE END -for the moment, because we have more photos from John Lee, Fidel, Meklit, Tilda, Rio, Mona...-

Complete List of Artists
September 16 and 17 – noon – 5pm de Young Museum

Riaz Abdulla - musician
Annette Acosta (OJALA group) - musician
Brent Bishop (Interarts Improvisation Ensemble) - musician
Carolyn Brandy (OJALA group) - musician
Mara Brown - painter
Elouise Burrell (OJALA group) - musician
Sonia Caltvedt - musician
Mona Caron - muralist
Carlos Castillo and Chris – painters
Iris Clearwater – box installation
Paula Dreyer - musician
Tania Figueroa - performer
Maica Folch (Interarts Improvisation Ensemble) - dancer
The Genie - musician
Meklit Hadero - singer
Lars Howlett - painter
Tilda Kapuya - writer
Ryan Keeley (Interarts Improvisation Ensemble) - musician
Aaron Kierbel (Interarts Improvisation Ensemble) - musician
Nancy Kuo (Interarts Improvisation Ensemble) - musician
Thuy Linh - jazz vocalist
Lulacruza – Alejandra & Luis, musicians
Rupa Marya - musician
Monica Martinez – ephemeral sculpture at the garden
Susan Matthews (OJALA group) – painter, musician
Mari Naomi - painter
Mabel Negrete – installation, painter
Ella Noe - painter
Claire Olivier (Interarts Improvisation Ensemble) - dancer
Natalia Orozco - painter
Carlos Oxford (Malamaña group) – caligrapher, musician
Tiana Pastor - painter
Nina Serrano - poet
Ava Square Miller (OJALA group) - musician
Carolina Stankiewich - painter
La Tania – flamenco dancer
Indira Urrutia - installation
Tyson (Interarts Improvisation Ensemble) – painter, musician
Luis Vasquez – reiki master
Angela Wen-Yi Chu - singer
Alex Zendzian (Interarts Improvisation Ensemble) - dancer
Carola Zertuche - dancer
Zore, David – “grafiteros”
Thanks to the beautiful presence of Xotchil

Photo and video:
Michelle Gutierrez
John Lee
Fidel Dolorier
Rio Yañez

Lynn Orlando - Assistant curator
and the curator -adrian- in front the wall painted by Mabel, Josh, Natalia Orozco, Tiana Pastor and Zore

Rene Yañez and Adrian in the END with the paper (photo by Mona Caron)