Friday, August 29, 2008

ILLUSION video clip 2003-2005

here images form ILLUSION shows 2003-2005
filmed by Maisa Arias-Urizar, Nefertiti Kelley-Farias, Edwin Reaño, Fidel Dolorier, Micaela Blondet, Sabina Nieto, Adrian Arias.

This year ILLUSION will have 77 artists !!!
we hope to see you in the last Illusion show
SEPTEMBER 27, 2008 - 6:06 pm
Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
2868 Mission Street, San Francisco

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The last ILLUSION show - The Artists

here the poster
(click to enlarge)

Ytaelena López
Yadira Cazares
Victor Castillo
Vannesa De Fabrega
Tomás Riley
Todd Brown
Tiffani Graham
Tilda Kapuya
The Garden
Tania Padilla
Tania Llambelis
Tania Figueroa
Susan Matthews
Stephanie Narváez
Simone Guimaraes
Sebastiana Pastor
Sebastián Davila
Sachiko Morino
Sandy Christensen
Sandra Durand
Sabina Nieto
Ryan Garcia
Rossana Alves
Rio Yañez
Riaz Abdula
Rene Yañez
Rachel Bouch
Oakland Impro-Collective
Norita Gonzalez
Nina Serrano
Nadja Haas
Natta Haotzima
Mona Caron
Mission Grafica
Meklit Hadero
Mara Brown
Mabel Negrete
Luis Vazquez-Gomez
Leticia Hernández
Lea Kobeli
La Tania
Kata Miletich
Juan R. Fuentes
José Leon
Jose Antonio Galloso
Joaquin Zamudio
Jamille Griss
Iris Clearwater
Hugh D’ Andrade
Gina M. Contreras
Gina Giammanco
Geraldine Lozano
Fidel Dolorier
Eunice Soto
El Fotografo Clandestino
Ella Noe
Diana McCullough
Diana Marcela Suarez-Vargas
David Flaig
Darcie Luce
Dan Kennedy
Chelis López
Circo Gitano
Camilo Dolorier
Carlos Cartagena
Bob Sanders
Avy K Productions
Araceli León
Anna Ciacchella
Anais Arias-Aragón
Ana Baldwin
Alexa Fabrega
Achille Massoma

Sandra Durand
Maisa Arias-Urizar

About the curator and creator of Illusion show

Adrián Arias is a visual artist and poet who created the Illusion show in 2003 to gather San Francisco community artists in a collective party of live art to show the public the secret and special moment of creation. He believes that the creative process is the greatest strength of the human spirit, where we receive the essence of daily existence. Adrián has participated in shows around the world and has organized events of similar scale in Canada and Peru. He has received important prizes in poetry and visual arts in France, Japan, Peru and Spain.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gloves for the Last Illusion 7 ........ a request of one of our artists in ILLUSION 7 DREAMS... please, bring a pair of gloves, any color, style or material, to be part of an interactive art-installation

Norita Gonzalez, a puppet maker part of ILLUSION DREAMS and theMascaritas Puppet Theatre is looking for four volunteers to present a retrospective of masks and puppets at the Mission Cultural Center on Sep 27 from 6pm to 10pm as part of Illusion. Four rehearsals are require. Contact Norita at (415) 595-2434 or:

Norita y El teatro de títeres Mascaritas esta buscando cuatro artistas para presentar una retrospectiva de mascaras y títeres que sera presentada en Ilusión el 27 de Septiembre en el Mission Cultural Center desde las 6PM asta las 10PM se requieren cuatro ensallos. Interesados, comuniquensen con Norita al (415) 595-2434 o al e-mail:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


(((click to enlarge image)))

WHO, You and more than 50 Artists
WHAT, A free space for an evening of a collective creation.
WHEN, Saturday September 27th , 2008
TIME, 6:07 pm – 10:03 pm
WHERE, MCCLA Galleries –2nd floor-
THE SPACE, More than 10,000 sq. ft of WHITE PAPER ready for the art !

Guests come dressed in BLACK. Artists are dressed in all WHITE.

The Event
Illusion is a one-night event, developing over the course of 4 hours, where more than 50 artists engage in making, with other artists, and the public to share the space of the Mission Cultural Center’s two galleries. All surfaces are wrapped in white paper: walls, floors & columns. Artists come dressed in white for the making and the public dressed completely in BLACK, for the viewing, what takes place over the course of an evening is the optical illusion of vibration.
Illusion is a moment of energetic, public happening.

This ILLUSION show is the last opportunity to discover self among others and to create in a shared space for all ages, children and adults.

The Theme
This year’s theme of “DREAMS” is open to interpretation and is offered as a design parameter to those artists interested in commenting upon and creating around this theme. The idea can be simple and transformed into its own making, with the DREAM color, words, sound, movement…

IF you never was in the ILLUSION, this is the last chance

Curator & creador of Illusion show, Adrian Arias