Sunday, April 15, 2007

ILLUSION 6 LA FIESTA is coming in JUNE 1st

Guests come dressed in ONE SOLID COLOR – in all YELLOW or in all ORANGE or in all RED or in all GREEN or in all BLUE or in all PURPLE or in all PINK or in all BLACK – just choose ONE
Artists are dressed in all WHITE.

Illusion is a one-night event, developing over the course of 4 hours, where 50 artists engage in making, with other artists, and the public to share the space of the Mission Cultural Center’s two galleries. All surfaces are wrapped in white paper: walls, floors, columns. Artists come dressed in white for the making and the public dressed completely in ONE FULL COLOR, for the viewing, what takes place over the course of an evening is the optical illusion of vibration.
Illusion is a moment of energetic, public happening. This is an opportunity to discover self among others and to create in a shared space for all ages, children and adults.

This year’s theme of “LA FIESTA” is open to interpretation and is offered as a design parameter to those artists interested in commenting upon and creating around this theme. The idea can be simple and transformed into its own making, with the FIESTA of land, color, words, sound, movement, food…
Adrian Arias, curator

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