Friday, June 29, 2007

Radio Free Clear Light and Carlos Cartagena in ILLUSION 6 LA FIESTA

Illusion is a one-night event, developing over the course of 4 hours, where 50 artists engage in making, with other artists, and the public to share the space of the Mission Cultural Center’s two galleries. All surfaces are wrapped in white paper: walls, floors, columns. Artists come dressed in white for the making and the public dressed completely in ONE FULL COLOR, for the viewing, what takes place over the course of an evening is the optical illusion of vibration.
Illusion is a moment of energetic, public happening. This is an opportunity to discover self among others and to create in a shared space for all ages, children and adults.

Here one project...

Among them Radio Free Clear Light
along with Visual Artist Carlos Cartagena embarked an a quest to cut to the heart of Illusion and create a world within the world of La Fiesta: a model of motion through time, a Music Box.

Kyron, aka Juan Carlos Mendizabal, drenched the small haven that would serve as a life size music box in a sonic wave of tones and drones that spilled out into the larger Gallery space.

Performance Artists: Etanna Sack and Lydia Harari, costumed as zealous bacchants, moved throughout the box and into the Gallery beyond dancing and inviting fellow artists and patrons into their lair.

Carlos Cartagena set to work visually transforming the once empty port of sound and motion with an empty frame, some silver foil paper, a discarded dresser and a collection of tiny porcelain seagulls.

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in San Francisco CA
Curator and photography by Adrian Arias
video by Carolina Lucero & Adrian
June 1st 2007

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