Tuesday, July 04, 2006

5:37 pm - June 30, 2006 - ILLUSION

The gallery of the Mission Cultural Center waiting for the audience

Ella and Meklit (mapp presente!)

Anais and Anna checking the space

Tyson waiting and playing (another mapp member and aRtivist)

Welcome Maestro Jorge Molina (photo by Iris Clearwater)

peruvian kiss (photo by Iris Clearwater)

Maestro Molina with singer Meklit

Pato y Rita from Formas 4

Formas 4

Formas 4, make up time

Indira and Ella (mapperas totales)

Savannah and Tyson, rehearsing

Begoña and Savannah planning some collaboration

Sailor Aaron with mermaid Begoña (photo by Nina Serrano)

Adrian start the meeting preview to the Procession (photo by Iris Clearwater)

Carolina Lucero (photo by Iris Clearwater)

Anais and Anna bringing stickers with names (photo by Iris Clearwater)

Adrian talking about The Conquest (photo by Nina Serrano)

Mabel and Paula, ready for the Fabulous Making over (photo by Nina Serrano)

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