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ILLUSION SHOW - credits and all the names

THANKS to all the ILLUSION artists from 2003 -2006
ILLUSION 1, CREACION, 22 artists
ILLUSION 3, EL VIAJE, 54 artists
some artists appears in more than one show.

To say Thanks to our ILLUSION artists we create a LIBRITO of 16 pages with some pictures from the past ILLUSION shows, if you dont see the LIBRITO, here the pages and if you like one, write us an e-mail to: illusionproject@yahoo.com

Here Mission Grafica in ILLUSION 1 -2003- with interactive silkscreen work. Mabel Negrete project in ILLUSION 2 -2004- ZORE painting a Mural in ILLUSION 3 -2005- Tania Figueroa and "duck", Josh ready for Butoh dance directed by Poncho Jaramillo in ILLUSION 2. Chelis Lopez eating strawberries. Audience waiting, artists in the office ready to go, Tania Llambelis reading cards in ILLUSION 3, Carlos Cartagena painting with audience and Mural project from Luis Arias in ILLUSION 2.

Last pages showing footprints from Begoña and Todd project, Monica Martinez web, Mona Caron bird mural -you can see more about this project here: http://www.monacaron.com/~mona/galleries/illusion3/welcome.html
group of musicians, Erick, Manolo and Quique, Michael Shankmann, Todd Brown painting, Sara Garcia acting, and Carolina Stankiewich mosaic project.

Here the complete list of the 4 ILLUSION (2003-2006 at the MCCLA)
Yolanda Lopez,
Rene Yañez,
Patricia Rodríguez,
Nina Serrano,
Francisco X Alarcón,
Jorge Molina,
Susan Matthews,
Viva Paredes,
Juan Fuentes; Mission Gráfica,
Cory Potts,
Peter Guillete,
Jeff Hobbs,
Andrea Annunziatta,
Jesús Barraza,
Susana Aragón,
Chio Flores,
Begoña Caparrós,
Norita Gonzalez,
Rio Yañez,
Maica Folch,
Todd Brown,
Luis Arias Vera,
Antonio Huerta,
Marlo Kindermann,
Nefertiti Kelley-Farias,
Danica Connelly,
Natalia Orozco,
Tiana Pastor,
Alex Allende,
Cecilia Guachala,
Ericka Castillo,
Eduardo Pineda,
Mike Shankmann,
Marcela Reyes,
Alfonso Jaramillo,
Tania Figueroa,
Josh & Monique,
Luis Boliviano,
Kathleen Hollingsworth,
Mari Naomi,
Debra Broadway,
Carlos Baron,
Enrique Davila,
Manolo Dávila,
Gabriela Martinez,
Mabel Negrete,
Joshua Short,
Francisco X Camplis,
Marina Tsesarskaya,
Michelle Weinberg,
David Gonzalez,
Mona Caron,
Rupa Marya,
Michelle King,
Brina Alvarez,
Shirley Kollmann,
Nadja Haas,
Aydarasa Ortega,
Francois Fouquet,
Indira Urrutia,
Wiatt Riot,
Axel Herrera,
David Haas,
Joui Turandot,
Carolina Stankiewich,
Aris Cisneros,
Ariana Cisneros,
Yadira Casares,
Monica Martinez,
Sara García,
Tania Llambelis,
Elizabeth Jaeger,
Carlos Cartagena,
The Genie,
Carlos Castillo,
Ella Noe,
Tyson and the Interarts Improv (sometimes 16 people, other times 6),
Caleb Duarte,
Rossana Alves,
Kimberly Moon,
Ed Baskerville,
Aaron Kierbel,
Marcus Cohen,
Eric Perney,
Meklit Hadero,
Angela Wen-Yi Chu,
Pato Draves,
Satu Palokangas,
Simone Bloch,
Rita Venturini,
Carolina Lucero,
Iris Clearwater,
Diana McCullough,
Masumi Patzel,
Cathy Herrera,
Katie Hoffman,
Joe Mazel,
Claudia Cuentas,
Pauchi Sasaki,
Grupo Malamaña (Joel, Daniel, Carlos, Mafi, Emilio, Javier),
Guillermo Galindo,
Rafael Noz,
Anais Azul,
Anna Baldwin,
Rosa Méndez & Eduardo Gómez,
curator, Adrián Arias,
assistant curator in Illusion 4 Sabina Nieto,
assistant curator in Illusion 3 Begoña Caparrós,
thanks to all the volunteers and Staff of the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts.

contact: illusionproject@yahoo.com

in this picture, Tania Figueroa, Sabina Nieto, Mona Caron and Pepe Ozan, thank you for crossing the street for the poster

Here some images from the past ILLUSION shows:




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