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30 artists, 30 dreams, 2 days, 5 hours each day
- - - see the COMPLETE PROGRAM BELOW - - -

THIS SPACE is possible thanks to the support of our official photographers
and also pictures taked by ILLUSION artists: Lars Howlett, Mona Caron, Therese Condit, Nina Serrano
and friends: Rachel Stevenson, Edward Piou, Fidel Dolorier

- - - PLEASE AUDIENCE come dressed in BLACK !!! - - -

Here Rupa -voice and guitar-, Erick -bass- and Ariana -violin- in ILLUSION 3 at the MCCLA, with audience dress in BLACK over the space totally covered with WHITE PAPER

here audience of ILLUSION 4 at the MCCLA dressed in BLACK and RED

ILLUSION 5 – FUERA DEL BARRIO – BEYOND OUR BLOCK, two afternoon events, invites artists from all mediums to come and engage in collective creation. The theatre of process is shared with the public, from children to adults, who is presented the opportunity to leave the realm of the audience.

The site of Illusion is totally wrapped in white paper readdressing all surfaces as an opportunity for new making without coordinates.

The white space before show at the Mission Cultural Center, main gallery

Brina drawing in ILLUSION 3

Maestro Francisco X Camplis and procession around the blocks 24th and 25th Streets and Bart station in the Mission district with all the artists in ILLUSION 3

Illusion is a moment of energetic, public happening. Artists arrive with suitcase-in-hand, dressed in white, ready for an exchange of experience, interpretation, and entertainment between themselves and public.

Carolina Stankiewich working in a tile project in ILLUSION 3

Tania LLambelis reading Tarot card in ILLUSION 3

Carlos Cartagena and audience painting in ILLUSION 3

Every ILLUSION SHOW have a theme, offered as a design parameter to the invited artists and word play ensues. The event is ludic, live-action, a call to community, spectacle, an improvised play, an invitation to start from nothing, engage with all the art forms, and hold the experience as artifact.

Erick Paul, Manolo and Quique Davila creating music in ILLUSION 2

Interarts Improvisation Ensemble, Aaron and Marcus after improvisation in ILLUSION 4

In the past four years we have utilized more than 120 artists, in different disciplines including: live painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, video, photography, music, poetry, dance, puppet making, body painting and performance.

The artists work for 4 hours. At the closing, they will have developed a very special space full of the energy of creation in the once pristine white spaces.

ILLUSION show was created in the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts in 2002 thanks to the support and vision of board members and MCCLA staff member who support the idea of the visual artist and poet Adrian Arias in create a new space of interaction and the unique moment of creation of the artists working individually and in group. Adrian was helped for artists and volunteers of the community.

Saturday September 16, and SUNDAY September 17 from noon to 5 pm, 2006

- P R O G R A M -

SEPTEMBER 16 – noon – 5pm:
WELSEY Court, PIAZZONI´s room, the GARDEN and KIMBALL Gallery.

12:30 – procession from outside the museum to the Welsey Court and circle ceremony
1 pm: OJALA group, percussion and voices: Annette Acosta, Carolyn Brandy, Elouise Burrell, Susan Matthews, Ava Square Miller
1:30 pm: La Tania and Carola Zertuche, Flamenco dance
2 pm: Rupa Marya, voice and guitar
2:30 pm: LULACRUZA electro-acoustic duet
3 pm: Riaz Abdulla and Tyson, keyboard
3:30 pm: ANTIOQUIA group, percussion voice and guitar
4 pm: Sonia Caltvedt & Paula Dreyer, Latin Flute and Piano
4:30 pm; dance and music final procession

KIMBALL Gallery: video performance and white paper intervention with Carolina Stankiewich and ILLUSION ARTISTS

ephemeral sculpture by Monica Martinez

Here photo of Monica´s installation and audience dressed in black in ILLUSION 3 at the Mission Cultural Center, June 2004

special painting performance by Mona Caron
- statement -
Expanding the theme of being “outside one’s ’hood” SF muralist Mona Caron will be creating an homage and response to Gottardo Piazzoni’s murals, showcased in this room.
The serene, expansive California landscapes depicted by Piazzoni, characterized by their strong horizontality and sparse beauty, stand in stark contrast to the extreme verticality of the topography in Piazzoni’s native land, the Centovalli region in the Italian-speaking canton of Switzerland.
SF artist and muralist Mona Caron was born and spent the first two decades of her life in the very same small mountain village (Intragna, population ~800) where Piazzoni was born. Both artists, roughly 80 years apart, emigrated to San Francisco where they became mural artists.
Mona Caron will be creating 5 paintings depicting the memory of home that she shares with Piazzoni.
All the landscapes will be specifically of Intragna, showing the canyons surrounding the steep hill that the village sits on, and the 7 bridges leading to the village.

Mona Caron work at ILLUSION 3:

SEPTEMBER 17 – noon – 5pm
-only at-
Live painting, drawing, poetry, music & dance:

Live drawing, painting and performance: 1-5pm
Mara Brown – live drawing model with the audience
Mona Caron – live painting
Carlos Castillo – live painting
Aris Cisneros - drawing
Iris Clearwater – drawing and collage
Quique Davila - poetry and drawing
Tania Figueroa –drawing and performance
Meklit Hadero –drawing and voice
Lars Howlett – live painting
Tilda Kapuya – writer
Shirley Kollmann – drawing and dance
Susan Matthews – live painting and percussion
Monica Martinez –drawing collage
Mari Naomi – live painting
Mabel Negrete – drawing and collage
Ella Noe – live painting
Natalia Orozco – live painting
Tiana Pastor – live painting
Masumi Patzel – drawing and performance
Nina Serrano - poetry
Joshua Short - installation, painting
Carolina Stankiewich - drawing
Indira Urrutia – drawing and collage
Luis Vasquez - Reiki
Zore - live painting

Solo musicians, duets and trios: 1-5 pm
Riaz Abdulla – drawing and piano
La Tania –drawing and dance
Angela Wen-Yi Chu – drawing, painting and voice
Malamaña group – calligraphy, painting and music
Lulacruza – Alejandra & Luis – drawing and music
Thuy Linh - jazz vocalist
The Genie – drawings and guitar
Rupa Marya –drawing, voice and guitar
Interarts Improvisation Ensemble:
Claire Olivier, Maica Folch, Alex Zendzian
Nancy Kuo, Ryan Keeley, Brent Bishop
Aaron Kierbel, Tyson

Tyson and part of the Interarts Improvisation Ensemble
Therese and Claire, ILLUSION 4

Official ILLUSION photographers and videographers:
John Lee, Michelle Gutierrez
Brendan Bock, Fidel Dolorier

thanks to
Nefertiti Kelley-Farias, Edwin Reaño, Micaela Blondet, Therese Condit, Nina Serrano
to take amazing pictures in the past

Lynn Orlando

DE YOUNG MUSEUM is located at 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

This time the theme bring the opportunity to share the colors of Latino community, Barrio de la Mision people and around and ideas of different cultures and art visions.
Here some images from the past ILLUSION shows at the MCCLA:

ILLUSION 1, theme: CREATION, May 30, 2003 – 22 artists.
ILLUSION 2, theme: REBIRTH, June 25, 2004 -32 artists.
ILLUSION 3, theme: TRAVELING, June 4, 2005 -57 artists.
ILLUSION 4, theme of LA CONQUISTA - THE CONQUEST, June 30, 2006

Artists and audience in ILLUSION 3

Mona Caron mural and musicians at the Inti Raymi gallery MCCLA in ILLUSION 3

Here Diana McCullogh inside her installation in ILLUSION 4

Las Carolinas painting the big Mandala in ILLUSION 4

The Inti Raymi Gallery at the Mission Cultural Center after ILLUSION 4

Masumi, Anais Azul and Anna in ILLUSION 4

Todd Brown painting in ILLUSION 4

Check more photos here:

Fiesta at the end of ILLUSION 4 with Rupa and the April Fishes

Portrait drawings of the audience by Mara Brown in ILLUSION 4

Adrian Arias, independent curator
Adrian Arias direct 415-702-7248

Thanks to the support of the
thanks to Rene Yañez, independent curator, and
Renee Baldocchi, Educational projects at De Young Museum
Matt Siegel and Donna Bonifield, GENUUS industries.

Maestro Curador Rene Yañez in ILLUSION 4

fin de Fiesta at ILLUSION 3

Thanks to the artists-models for ILLUSION 5 poster
Ella, La Tania, Riaz, Carlos and Lars

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