Thursday, September 21, 2006

ILLUSION 5 - Sept 16 - 2006

First day at de Young Museum with ILLUSION 5 - BEYOND OUR BLOCK - FUERA DEL BARRIO
with: Mona Caron, Monica Martinez, Carolina Stankiewich; OJALA group: Annette Acosta, Carolyn Brandy, Elouise Burrell, Susan Matthews, Ava Square Miller; Flamenco dancers: La Tania & Carola Zertuche; Rupa Marya; LULACRUZA: Alejandra & Luis; Riaz Abdulla & Tyson; Sonia Caltvedt & Paula Dreyer.
THANKS to all our helpers: visual artists Mara Brown and Emma, Lars Howllet and Indira Urrutia. Assistant curator Lynn Orlando, and from de Young: Renee Baldocchi and Nicole.
Thanks to our photographers and videographers that day: John Lee, Indira Urrutia, Fidel Dolorier, Lynn Orlando, Mona Caron, Monica Martinez.

Paper, paper and paper at 10 am

Monica and Mona carryng paper for start the day

Lynn and Nicole

Ojala group arriving

Indira and Mona covering part of the Piazzoni room at 10:45 am

Lynn covering Welsey court

Ojala group helping with the paper

creating the connection between Piazzoni room and Welsey court, metaphor of connecting brain with heart, memories with emotions, roots with the beat changing (photo by Mona)

(photo by Mona)

The umbilical cord create an intervention in the middle of Welsey court and people visiting museum takes time to decide what to do, Adrian invite to cross the line (photo by Mona)

Body intervention (photo by Mona)

(photo by Mona)

Carola Zertuche and La Tania arriving

Sonia Caltvedt arriving

La Tania, Carola and Renne Baldocchi

The ILLUSION group ready for the procession: Mara, Emma, Lars, Sonia, Alejandra, Luis, Mona...

Carola, OJALA group: Annette, Sue, Carolyn, Elouise, Ava and sculptor Monica

Images from the procession outside the Museum

(photo by Monica Martinez)

(photo by Lynn Orlando)

Stop in the special corner of Museum (photo by Lynn Orlando)

We discover Lars being triplicated.... (photo by Lynn Orlando)

Multi Lars (photo by Lynn Orlando)

All in the corner (photo by Lynn Orlando)

(photo by Lynn Orlando)

Mona getting ready to start

Flamencas dancing over the line paper

OJALA GROUP start ILLUSION with percussions, voice and dance

Mona continue work at Piazzoni room

La Tania and Carola, flamenco flavor in ILLUSION at de Young

(photo by John Lee)

(photo by John Lee)

Audience at de Young

Curator Adrian with goddess of flamenco

Alejandra from LULACRUZA (photo by John Lee)

Alejandra and Luis, the good energy of LULACRUZA


Swiss muralist Mona Caron drawing 5 panels in 5 hours in response and honoring the swiss muralist Gottardo Piazzoni (1872-1945), both artists with all most 100 years of difference arrive to San Francisco where they became mural artists and both was from the small mountain village: Intragna (population 800), in the Piazzoni room

At the same time... Mexican sculptor Monica Martinez creating an ephemeral sculpture with metal, cardboard boxes and plastic containers in the garden

At the same time... Argentinian visual artist and dancer Carolina Stankiewich and peruvian visual artist, performer and poet Adrian Arias doing a video performance about TO BORN in the Kimball gallery (photo by Fidel Dolorier)

At the same time... American Indian singer Rupa Marya singing in the Welsey court

(photo by John Lee)

ILLUSION continue with Riaz Abdulla and Tyson

Sonia Caltvedt by John Lee

Paula Dreyer by John Lee

Sonia Caltvedt & Paula Dreyer finishing ILUSION in the Wilsey court

Monica finishing sculpture in the garden

Gracias Indira for all your help

Mona Caron finishing Piazzoni homage

here the 5 panels (!!!!!)

and one by one

BRAVO Mona Caron !

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